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Welcome to B&B Maison!!

Maison Just in case you wanna crash in Florence, why don't you come to catch up with us in our beautiful....errrrmm, ok maybe beautiful is too much!! Ok, well just come and chill with us!

We wont say that we are the best place in Florence (altho it has been said, but not by us!), but we can tell you that we want you to chillax and make yourself comfortable ( hey, our couch isn't so bad! ) We're not like the other places, where tons of ANNOYING rules will bother you

Our first rule??? NO RULES
and............. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK..... hey alcoholics leave some room for your dinner!!!!!!!

Oh wait, maybe we have like, not so much a rule, but like, an unspoken philosophy or backpackers code or something, about like, respect for each other, ya know??

Our staff has got years of backpacking experience so, more or less, we know what you are looking for.
You just need a comfy bed (and food) and a lots of hugs (and food), because we know perfectly well that beneath that tough exterior, that you are missing your mummy (and food) so much... just for you, yep, exactly, you,you, i am talking to you lonely and sad (hungry) backpacker here you can call your parents and we will assure them that you are safe and stuffed, because we feed OUR RANDOM KIDS every night. Ok, just for you, every morning too! - But not garlic bread (who ever 'eard o' garlic bread?)

So, come to the BBMaison Hostel if you're easy going (like us), like to laugh (like us, or at us, is up to you), just don't take life soooo smeggin' seriously (like us), and if you know, as all good seasoned travellers do, it's not the places that you see that make your journey thru life so incredible, it's all the amazing people you meet along the way (just like us!!). Oh, and you MUST love dogs!

Wanna know more about us? Well just go ahead there and click on the ole 'facilities' tab and I just might tell ya....
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Via Cavour 15
Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 3388323024
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